• Que Viva la Arepa!

    Corn Cake Sandwich

    Arepas are the daily bread of Colombia and Venezuela. A dough of white cornmeal, water, and salt is formed into a patty, grilled, split open and stuffed with a variety of ingredients like a sandwich. Try one of our authentic arepas today!

  • Que Viva la Empanada!

    Fried Meat Turnover

    Empanadas are a popular South American street food. These fried turnovers can be made of either flour or corn dough and are filled with many different savory ingredients. Try our Beef Empanadas or Colombian Empanadas today!

  • Que Viva el Jibarito!

    Plantain Sandwich

    Plantains are a staple food in South America. Though it is related to the banana, this fruit isn't always sweet! If eaten before they are ripe, fried plantains are a delicious, crispy, and SALTY treat. Try a Jibarito/Plantain Sandwich today!

  • Que Vivan los Maduros!

    Fried Sweet Plantains

    Plátanos Maduros aka Fried Sweet Plantains are a popular dish in many South American cultures. Though sweet like its relative, the banana, the maduro is truly a unique experience. Add a side of fried sweet plantains to your order today!

  • Que Vivan los Tostones!

    Fried Salty Plantains

    Tostones, also called Patacones, are twice fried salty plantains. These are the same plantains used in our jibaritos, just a bit smaller. This crispy treat makes an excellent substitue for chips or fries. Try a side of tostones today!

  • Que Viva la Yuca!

    Fried Yuca

    Yuca comes from the root of the Cassava plant. This root is prepared in similar ways to potatoes in many Latin American dishes. Our Yuca is served fried and crispy and may make you never crave french fries again. Try our fried yuca today!


MAR 28

Latin Street Fest! Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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It all started with a ...

late night plate of pernil

A suggestion
that turned into
An idea
that turned into
A dream
that turned into
A plan.

This family owned and
operated Food Truck has been a long-awaited and hard-earned dream.

We love what we do and are so excited to share our family kitchen with you.

Check out this slide show to see how we turned an old bus into our dream food truck. OR ask us and we’ll be happy to tell you about our journey!

-Bolivar, Patty, Erick, and Jessi

Que Viva nuestra familia!

Our family is very important to us. So are our customers.
Welcome to the family!


Did you know? We also provide fresh latin catering!

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